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Rage hypodermic +p 2 blade broadhead. Changing something simple is either overthinking, or just changing for the sake of boredom.

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Mathews vertex 70# draw, 450 grain arrow at 275 fps.


Best broadhead for elk forum. I'm thinking about getting back into bowhunting , now that i have more free time. Mechanicals will not give you penetration, nor will serrated heads. The broadhead itself ensures for the arrow’s stability thanks to it’s trocar tip.

Grim reaper makes this head in a variety of different cutting diameters but for elk they recommend the 1 3/8″ version. Sevr’s new titanium 2.0 retails for $14 each. Don't change the little things that already work.

The rms are especially bad at this. That broadhead had done its job also, but i had to pick out the broadhead blades in the shoulder. I'll be using 200 grains up front alone.

Looking for suggestions for fixed blade broadheads for elk for a compound setup and a traditional setup (125 grain). New bow setup looking to sling a bit heavier arrow setup for elk. Summary of the best broadhead for elk hunting.

What are you guys using on elk??? 5 posts • page 1 of 1. Dark mode menu log in register home.

You want penetration on large animals. Use what you use normally and stick it in the right place. And they will not bend, curl, or break.

Had some interesting experiences with rage heads on elk, not a single one bad. Elapsed time from shot to recover was about 1.5 hours. But as with any broadhead or bullet for any animal, it boils down to what works best with your setup and above all shot placement.

Traditional longbow 50# and 500 grain arrow. The industry wants to sell you on speed, that's why a lot of archers try to use the lightest set up they can. The tuffhead single bevel broadheads are available in either 225 or 300 grain weights and the company offers a lifetime replacement warranty against breaking, bending and tip curling.

Get yourself a heavy broadhead and insert combo. The grim reaper razortip is another one of the best mechanical broadheads for elk hunting. The blades are 0.20 inch stainless steel 100 grain blades with a 1 inch cutting diameter.

And in my opinion it rivals any broadhead of any design as the best there is. 500 to 600 grain arrow setup and i have yet to decide on a broad head. Joined apr 5, 2008 · 3 posts.

We hope you enjoyed our guide and product recommendations for the top broadheads for elk hunting. This type of tip also allows for deep penetration. Be it elk, bear, or deer.

They are sold in packs of 3 with the 225 grain costing $57.00 and the 300 grain will set you back $60.00. It’s one of the best fixed blade broadhead for elk hunting. Talk anything related to elk hunting.

They all did their job, but it is a concern when you are feeling your way around inside an elk. This is a small enough cutting diameter that won’t suck too much energy and can penetrate well. I have only ever used muzzy for white tail hunting.

Wed sep 07, 2011 8:26 am location: Thunderheads do not do that. That said, a buddy sent one quartering rearward through a bull.

Looking at the g5 striker v2 for the compound setup and haven’t decided on the. I also had a thunderhead 100 ferrule break in the offside shoulder of a bull i had shot quartering away. Wondering what you all are using arrow wise for elk.

A few years ago i bought some of the wac'em heads and still haven't had a chance to shoot anything with them so i cant compare. In my opinion, the best rb broadhead ever designed and built is hands downs the the nap thunderhead. Everyone knows that the only broadhead capeable of killing an elk with that exact setup is the nitron 100 grain.

Muzzy bowhunting broadheads the best foxed blade broadhead for elk. I used an easton flatline(30) with 100grn g5 montec for deer but not sure its the best choice for elk. This broadhead is a 4 blade fixed broadhead which does a great job at inflicting massive damage.

I shoot a 29 70lbs bow. The same broadhead that will kill a whitetail will kill an elk. This broadhead is different than the other broadheads because of the fact that it has a three bladed tip.

It comes with a grain of 125, 100, and 75. Long story short, that bull traveled about 250 yards and died in his bed. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Post by backpackertx » wed sep 07,. Got a lung, diaphragm, liver, all the guts and lodged in the bull's hip. Let us know what you think in the comments and happy hunting!

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Best Broadhead For Elk Forum

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