How To Make A Pallet Flag

I wanted to do something fun with a wood pallet since i get them free so i decided to do a diy wood pallet american flag project! I used the blue stars on the left hand side top two slats.

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Step 2) lay pallet on a flat, protected surface.


How to make a pallet flag. I broke up my pallet using my pallet buster tool. First, push the 1x3s together, then nail on the 1x2s along the edges, making a frame (i made sure to put two nails into each end of the 1x3s to make everything sturdy). Layout the pallet pieces and trace a square using your star template.

It was pretty easy for the most part, but i had my husband do the cutting/ nailing part haha. Step 3) using the photo as a guide, paint the pallet boards. I started at the bottom with white, then alternated with red.

First, paint your whole pallet with the white chalk paint and let it dry. This next project inspiration was found on none other than pinterest. (see my review on the pallet buster here.) if you do not have a pallet buster tool you can opt to use a pry bar and hammer.

I decided to take a pallet apart and place the boards close together for my flag. Then stain this flag with blue and red hues of the national flag and hang it on the. You would love the flag once the project is being.

See more ideas about pallet flag, pallet crafts, patriotic decorations. 120 grit sandpaper or block. This will give your pallet flag a more natural wood look.

Second, start laying on your washi tape on the pallet. Just grab some pallets and break them down into pallet slats to start this piece of dedication. It will just add to the charm of your pallet flag!

So, to paint, tape off the square that will be the blue part first (so that you don’t paint that red like i did on the first one. Add tip ask question comment download. We used a foam brush and did a very quick coat.

Red first, then white, ending in red. I went about half way across and cut it in a straight. American flag made from a pallet.

I knew as soon as i saw that pallet wood that it looked like a flag. The gaps in the wood make no difference. Rustic pallet wood american flag tutorial.

I kept the nails in the deck boards to give that great rustic appearance. Lay your 13 pallet slices out in whatever order looks good to you and mark out where the blue square will be. See more ideas about pallet flag, pallet crafts, flag.

I'm still not sure if i want to hang it up or not because it looks good just leaning against the wall outside! The split pieces and cracks and crazy planks do not matter…. Anyone can make this easy pallet wood flag using hobby lobby supplies and it will be the perfect addition to your patriotic décor.

So, lets make a washi tape pallet flag!! Stack these pallet slats to each other and make a rectangular flag like shape. The red under the blue makes it a weird blue).

For pallet art flag you need to have pallets, saw to make cuts, paints of desired colors, some extra cheap wood that can be cut to make some shapes on pallet flag, some stars or any such that that you think would suit on pallet flag as an art work and varnish to protect the outer surface if you place it outside and to make it more shinny. Step by step instructions for how to make a diy pallet wood american flag. This is diy pallet flag art a gorgeous wall art piece to mount on the walls and make them speak volumes of creative and innovative style.

After painting the stripes and blue area, your next step is creating a star stencil. They risk their lives daily to “protect and serve” i made this thin blue line pallet flag entirely from pallet wood. Here was my shopping cart when i was checking out at hobby lobby.

There are some crafty people out there in the world that make things look so easy. June 25, 2012 by avry 1 comment. The charred look to this flag adds to the charm.

Show your support of our policemen and women.

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How To Make A Pallet Flag

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