Italian Companies Design Products To Fight Global Warming

The planet has been under the assault of numerous environmental issues such as global warming and pollution, which has been made worse due to the use of automobiles, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. But in Italy, one of the leading firms, Enzo, which is located in Milan has taken a bold step of investing in eco-friendly products in Italy and other European countries. Its main products are designed by Italian companies for combating global warming and minimizing the effect of chemicals in the environment.

One of the latest eco friendly products in Italy is the Voltaic, which is designed by Voltaic International who is Italian industry leaders. This Voltaic cooler is made up of recyclable material and is a great alternative for all those who are looking for alternatives for their refrigerators. It has an automatic shut off timer and is a green product due to the fact that it utilizes no electricity. This Voltaic eco-friendly products in Italy is also designed to withstand extreme temperatures and comes with a 20 year warranty.

Another one of the eco-friendly products in Italy that has taken on the world stage is the Biofabrico from Castelluccia, an Italian company. The Bifabrico cooler is a refrigerator which is built from recyclable materials like sugar cane, wood pulp and cornstarch and it is said to be the smallest model of its kind. The company is also known for creating products that are healthy for the environment. One of these products is the Biomass Cooler, which is another bio-friendly product. This product is made from sugar cane, wood pulp and cornstarch and it has been rated a best buy by most consumers.

Besides these two eco friendly products, there are other Italian companies that are leading the world in green products. For example, Percolator, a company from Turin, Italy is making an unbelievable breakthrough in the world of energy efficiency. In fact, some say that their products have already surpassed GE’s famous windmill. Other Italian companies which make fantastic eco friendly products include FAP Turbo, Poliform, iRobot, Ecteon and AquaScum.

With these products designed by Italian companies, consumers all over the world can greatly contribute to helping out this planet. With the prices of gasoline and energy rising, we need to take every possible step we can to conserve precious resources. These products are all about helping us do just that. These companies have definitely come up with some products that will truly be beneficial to us, and we can all help in our own little way.

When talking about eco-friendly products, we mustn’t forget about biodegradable products. This is another great benefit these companies provide. We should all try to use as much bio degradable products as possible, because the longer we can leave these things in the earth, the better chance we have of them being completely eliminated from the earth. If you want to go green, look into one of these Italian companies and see what wonderful products they have to offer!